Private Medical Insurance

Private medical insurance provides access to doctors and treatment on a private basis.

Worry and stress affects our health, so removing at least part of your financial worries can help you focus on recovering and get better sooner.

UK nationals and many other residents are entitled to free healthcare via the NHS. If you prefer not to wait for treatment, or wish to have access to different facilities, medical professionals or locations, medical costs can be very high. Private medical care can provide peace of mind, especially for serious conditions.  We highly recommend comprehensive private health insurance. Domestically, we use a small panel of reliable, high-quality partners:

Internationally, we use:

Do I Need It?

Shortages of hospital beds, waiting lists and limited access to quality medical treatment locally can mean that even the most serious conditions cannot always be treated promptly. Access to medical care may mean you have to travel long distances to get to the appropriate specialists, and you may not be offered appointments at times you can be available. Private medical insurance is therefore no longer a luxury.

When you need medical treatment, give yourself and your loved ones
the best


Private medical insurance offers you direct access to leading medical practitioners without delay. Some policies do not require a referral. You can obtain in-hospital cover at leading medical facilities, and can choose where you have treatment, and the dates of that treatment. You will usually always have one consultant looking after you (who you can choose so long as they work with your insurer), which means continuity of care, and always seeing the same face.  You can sometimes be covered for pre-existing conditions, and cover can be provided (depending on the policy) for maternity, annual health checks, dental, optical, alternative medicine and medical evacuation.

What Is Covered

Access to specialist care whenever you need it

Freedom to choose who treats you, when and where

Direct settlement of your medical bills

Cover for pre-existing conditions, subject to underwriting

Some policies optionally cover maternity, annual health checks, dental, optical, alternative medicine and medical evacuation

What Is Not Covered

Each policy will have a list of exclusions attached, which we will explain so you can factor these into your selection of cover

From individual life policies to specialist business cover, we have products to suit your every need.


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