Kidnap & Ransom Insurance

In an ever changing world, duty of care to employees and their families is essential

Risks to employees and business owners are not limited to volatile security environments or emerging markets, they can occur today even in the most stable countries and regions.

Organisations have a duty of care to employees, their families, and stakeholders who may be negatively impacted by reputational damage.

Coverage is more important than you might think. Our policies cover risks you may not even have thought of. This is not an area where you should be looking for competitive premiums. We only partner with the best specialist insurers available:

What Is Covered

Our policies can provide protection against some or all of the following:

Kidnap, abduction and virtual kidnap

Threat assessment and kidnap negotiation advice

Ransom (including confiscated or stolen ransom)

Reimbursement for ransom and associated costs


Extortion – including threats to kill, injure, abduct or to damage property

Illegal detention

Child abduction

Bodily injury

Malicious threats

Missing persons


Additional expenses associated with resolving an insured incident

Liability arising out of an insured incident

Hostage crisis scenarios

Political or security related evacuations


Death or injury (including rehabilitation)

Legal liabilities, death and disability benefits and additional expenses

Executive protection

Personal and mobile security review

Crisis consultancy costs

Law enforcement government liaison services

Policies will reimburse all covered costs associated with an insured event, up to the policy limit.

From individual life policies to specialist business cover, we have products to suit your every need.


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