Prized Private Collections

We appreciate the dedication it takes to build a unique collection

Prized Private Collections Insurance covers collections of artwork, jewellery, wine, antiques or virtually any other collectable and/or rarity.

However, if you own a collection you not only need to insure it, but also to create a thorough plan to safeguard your valued possessions, and we can assist with this.

This is a specialist area, and we partner with leading market specialists Markham Brokers to provide comprehensive, expert cover.

This is not an area where you should be looking for competitive premiums. We only partner with the best specialist insurers available:

Do I Need It?

You have taken the time to acquire and assemble a fine collection which now needs protecting, and you may even wish to replace it, should the worst happen. We cannot replace your prized items for you, but we can give you the means to find worthy substitutes at your leisure, so you are not out of pocket. A private collection is an appreciable asset and requires comprehensive insurance that keeps up with its market value.

What Is Covered?

Cover is for any property damage or loss due to ‘all risks’ worldwide (almost) including :
— Fire
— Theft
— Earthquake
— Flood
— Breakage

Automatic cover of newly acquired collectibles for 90 days, up to 25% of the value shown under the Collections category in the schedule

Up to 150% of the amount scheduled if the item has been valued within the last 24 months before claim

Damage when moved to or from exhibitions and/or while they are on display or loan

Repair, replacement or surrender of undamaged items (your choice) that are part of a pair or set when there is damage to an item in that pair or set

Lost or damaged items by an artist who has recently died, with cover of up to 200% of the amount insured (up to £150,000), as long as a valuation was undertaken in the 36 months before the claim

Collections when transported, including complimentary consultations regarding the best transit options

Options to insure one overall limit or individual bottles of fine wine

Wine spoilage due to mechanical breakdown of climate-control systems and breakage

From individual life policies to specialist business cover, we have products to suit your every need.


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