Employee Benefits

Your most valuable assets are your employees

Your staff is your greatest asset, and very few companies can operate without them. Staff benefits are no longer just about ‘making staff happy’, they are an essential part of employment contracts for most people.

Work isn’t just about pay – many studies have shown that employees consider good employee benefits (including private health insurance in particular) more important than a high salary.

Employee benefits are an investment not an expense

Attracting and retaining the best talent is competitive, and employees have expectations you must meet or risk losing them to your competitors. We can help you provide valuable benefits to your employees at an affordable cost.

Purchasing employee benefits is cheaper for you than the employee. You are effectively buying at a volume discount, so the cost per employee is cheaper than if employees bought benefits themselves from a higher salary. Therefore, people attach a higher value to the benefit than it actually costs you.

Our partners will give you the best policies for your staff at the best possible premiums, and most policies are subject to tax relief.

We partner with the following providers to create a bespoke range of benefits that meet your specific needs:

To stay competitive you need to meet
or exceed employee expectations

Do I Need Employee Benefits?

There are still companies who do not offer employee benefits, but this is increasingly rare. Why would someone work for a company who doesn’t, when you can have yourself and your family protected at no extra cost to you?

Employee benefits:

Attract more and better candidates during recruitment

Enhance employee loyalty

Greatly increase staff retention

Make employees happier!

It is worth noting that in particular, research shows that health insurance is the most important part of any benefits package, and is especially highly valued by employees. Also, 20% of employees rate life insurance in their top three employee benefits (AIG Life Group Protection research, 2018) – and it is both low cost and tax efficient. Most large companies provide life insurance, but only 19% of SMEs do, making them uncompetitive when recruiting the best talent, although this benefit is low cost.

From individual life policies to specialist business cover, we have products to suit your every need.


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